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Flame-resistance & Heat-insulation Material
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Flame-resistance & Heat-insulation Material:

  It adopts advanced composite material technology. The material is soft and elastic, and can block the impact of flame heat flow above 1500℃. When the battery fails, it controls the flame spread throughout the entire process and escorts the safety of electric vehicle occupants.


GODZILLA™Fire and explosion blanket:

  AKK type fire-proof and explosion-proof blanket is suitable for the outer-wrapped fire-proof and explosion-proof blanket of the middle and high voltage cable intermediate joints. It adopts a multi-layer protective structure and is composed of high-temperature resistant special fiber materials and phase-change fire-proof and heat-insulating materials to resist short-circuit failures of the intermediate joints. The high-voltage arc and deflagration reduce the potential damage and risk of cable joint accidents to surrounding personnel and accessories.

  After installation, it occupies a small space, which can meet some applications that ordinary rigid explosion-proof boxes cannot adapt, such as cable shaft walls, intermediate joints at corners, etc.

  Meet ROHS regulations and European REACH regulations, which are environmentally friendly;

  Strong applicability, one specification has multiple medium and high voltage protection applications;

  It has passed the fire resistance test of the National Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, in line with TICW-2012 related standards;

  A variety of sizes can be customized, flexible materials, easy installation.


Smart IoT applications:

  Low power consumption NB-IOT system: can support up to ten years without changing the battery

  Sensor collection: integration of sensor modules with important detection indicators such as location; temperature; pressure; smoke

  Data Center: Database (Data Recording Analysis Center), Command Center (Once an alarm occurs, the control center can directly command the action), Mobile Terminal (Quick response, cooperate with the command center)

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